Track Laying
Pujara Engineers specializes in assembling, laying and linking of broad gauge track on PSC sleepers, on a straight/curved path. Tracks are laid to the approved alignment, level gauge, elevation and transitions on curves, wherever required, with initial packing as specified. We excel in making the track fit for traffic as per the requirement of client/railways for a desired speed.
We manufacture and supply all track components and small track machines, that encompases: laying and maintaining a railway track.

We worked on track specifications of 60 kg and 52 kg rails. Track building is accomplished with stringent control on track parameters; mostly done as complete job involving:-
  • Applying glued insulated rail joints
  • Joining track with Fish plate (bolts and nuts)
  • Laying and squared PSC sleepers
  • Applying all elastic fastenings
  • Support Tools
  • Labour