Mechanized Packing Of Track
Pujara Engineers pioneered track tamping two decades back. In our numorous projects, tamping is done using TT machines as well as own make 'off-track-tamper' machine. We successfully executed Kilometers of track tamping in different projects.

A ballast tamper is a machine used to pack ballast under railway tracks to make the tracks more durable, and provide cushioning effect to trains. Prior to the introduction of mechanical tampers, this task was done by manual labour with the help of beaters. As well as being faster, more accurate, more efficient and less labour-intensive, tamping machines are essential for the use of concrete sleepers since they are too heavy (usually over 250 kg (551 lb)) to be packed into the ballast by hand. More modern TT machines also correct the alignment of the rails to make them parallel and level, in order to achieve a more comfortable ride for passengers and freight and to reduce the mechanical strain applied to the rails by passing trains.