Special C-Clamp - Ballastless Track
C-clamp is used for clamping joggled fish plates with grooves at welded rail joints. It is a highly deisgned two piece assembly clamp for ballastless tracks of metro systems, it requires only 35mm clearance between plinth and rail-flange for installation. By virtue of its light-weight, easy-assembly and fast clamping; it is an ideal product for application in metro environment. Low weight facilitates easy transportation and handling.

C-clamp has sufficient clamping force (upgradable upto 20 KN) for firm clamping. Check-nut arrangement provides stable and vibration proof clamping making it vrtually a maintenance free clamp i.e. Fix & Forget type. Zinc coated surface provides very strong aesthetics and long life resisting wear and tear from rusting and other harsh conditions on track.

We Also Manufacture Point Locking Clamps used in Metro Systems and Indian railways.