Off-Track Tamper
Pujara Engineers successfully engineered light weight Off-Track tamper (engine mounted), similar to chinese tamper. These Off-Track tampers were used on different projects for mechanical packing of track.

As per specifications; Off-track tampers were intended to be used as a regular means of packing for spot attention/picking up slacks in between two successive tamping with heavy on track tamping machine on concrete sleeper track on Indian Railways / sidings. As the vibration level is low with higher imparted energy to ballast and light in weight having no separate power source, tampers can be used for attending yards as well as mid sections.
Complete machine consist of two tamping equipments with tools/blades. These tamping equipments are be able to tamp the concrete sleeper track including locations like points & crossings, bridge approaches, level crossing approaches and switch expansion joints etc. The tamping tool of the tamping equipment is be made of alloy steel / High Carbon steel.
Tamper is light in weight, portable and work without traffic block (off-track) with normal track protection. The equipment is easily transportable to the sites of work. The tool/blade of the tamping equipments are so designed that it can penetrate under all types of sleepers. The unit have sufficient power to push the ballast underneath the sleepers during packing without crushing. The tamping tools/blades are replaceable when they become thin/rounded due to wear and tear.
The handle of the tamper is so designed that vibrations produced by the system during tamping does not cause undesirable fatigue to the operator. Fixing of tamping tool in the tamper is made easy e.g. push and rotate type/other suitable method.
The length of the tamping equipment including tool is sufficient; operator needs not to bend his body forward during packing of the sleepers. The tamping tool is of ‘swan neck’ type to facilitate the penetration of ballast under the sleeper with a very little deflection of the tamper.